• CHALLENGE TABARCA  13.5km SWIMMING, September 23

    CHALLENGE TABARCA 13.5km SWIMMING, September 23

    Description of the swimming event:


    Start on Saturday, September 23 from the Blue Chiringuito restaurant, having to be at 6:30 to register in the call chamber.
    The swimming will start at 7:00 a.m. for the 3.8km / hour level group and the organization will provide them with a commemorative red silicone cap and at 7:05 a.m. for the group level of 3.2Km / hour and the organization will provide them with a yellow commemorative silicone cap

    The swimmers will go straight to the island of Tabarca to its western end (former quarry) where they will surround the island passing in front of its southern beach to the eastern tip of the island where they will make the turn, leaving the island to its left and the faraions to the right, straightening again in a straight line to the starting point, the Blue Chiringuto of Cabo de Santa Pola

    At the end of the swimming evente, a  bag will be delivered to the runner with the commemorative gifts and there will be a lunch at the blue Chiringuito restaurante  for all participants, those accompanying t who wish to join the swimmers at lunch should make the payment of   15€  by bank transfer up to 3 days Before the test.


    All swimmers have had to make the registration correctly according to the deadlines.
    All swimmers must carry their buoy.
    Each level group will carry a boat with the aid stations and two kayakers
    In case the bad weather does not allow to leave on Saturday, the organization reserves the right to postpone it for the next day, or to make an alternative route with the same distance.

    In case the bad weather does not allow the departure or on Saturday or Sunday the organization the swimmer may request the return of 70% of the amount of the test or that the place be saved for next year.

    Once the exit has been made, if it were to be suspended due to reasons beyond the control of the organization, there will be no right of refund.

    The swimmer may unsubscribe with the full refund up to 30 days before the test, date from which no refunds will be made unless the swimmer has contracted the cancellation insurance for an amount of € 20.

    The swimmers will have to follow the indications of the organization at all times, which in turn will be at the orders of the Civil Guard so they will have to abide by their instructions with education and respect, since they are the ones who will watch over the safety Of the test.


    Registrations will open on may 31 and payment will be made by bank transfer to the organization’s account until the seats are filled or the registration period will be over one month before the test.
    There will be 30 places for each of the two level groups.
    The price will be € 86
    The swimmers who have also signed up for the 21km Tabarca Extrem challenge will have a 30% discount on this test, for which they will pay € 61