This one day workshop gives you a clear pathway to understanding your stroke and achieving greater efficiency; whether in the Pool or Open Water.

    This is a great opportunity to work with  TI Level 3 Coaches Rafa Aledo from Spain how also organize and swim this  race in Spain like this http://naturasport.es/21km-swimming-challenge-tabarca-island/

    and triatlons like this http://naturasport.es/iv-olimpic-triatlon-elche-city-6th-may-2018/



    The workshop includes 3 video analysis and comprises three hours classroom time and three sessions in the pool of two hours each.  Maximum 6 swimmers, everyone has the space to tune into their stroke without distraction. With 6 hours in the water and three hours in classroom you will have all your tools to be a better swimmer for all your live.

    What will you learn?

    • A better understanding of your balance, streamlining and alignment; vital skills to help you move efficiently through the water.
    • Fine tune your breathing and arm recovery
    • How to maintain a consistent, relaxed stroke for each length you swim in a pool or metre you swim in open water.
    • Find your own ideal number of strokes per length (SPL) for pool practice based on your height, wingspan and personal biomechanics.

    You will learn how to swim effortlessly and efficiently in a fun and friendly environment. Learn to increase your endurance and speed by reducing energy waste.

    During the workshop you learn to develop the three foundation skills of effortless swimming:


    Become weightless and relaxed in the water


    Learn to push forwards through water by streamlining your body.


    Propel yourself forwards though the water using your core and channelling energy forwards using natural weight shifts

    You will leave the workshop with an insight into a smarter way of practicing; an inspiring range of different permutations for your training sessions that will enable you to maximise your swimming potential.

    Who will benefit from this workshop?

    Long time swimmers who are stuck on a plateau or need motivation.

    New swimmers who want to develop really good habits.

    Self-coached swimmers who want expert assessment and advice.

    Triathletes looking to improve their stroke, reduce their swim times and save energy.

    Open Water swimmers looking to make their stroke more efficient.


    There is no pressure to perform; everybody works at their own pace and their own level of endurance. It’s not like swimming a traditional club session where you swim in groups and there is pressure to keep up.


    Although there is a fair amount of time swimming in the two sessions; the sets are mainly 25 metres, 50 metres (and some 100 metres);  manageable chunks even for those not used to swimming long distances.

    The workshop is carefully designed to be manageable for everybody; if you need a break, you take a break.

    We absolutely guarantee this workshop will change the way you think about swimming and training forever, in pool or open water


    Price of this exclusive workshop 220€.  paying is by bank transfer:

    IBAN ES17

    BANK CODE 0049

    BRANCH CODE 4127


    ACCOUNT NUMBER 2194019623